Enerjisa Energy Contributes Significantly to Turkey’s Energy Efficiency Goals with “Energy of My Business”

Enerjisa Energy Contributes Significantly to Turkey’s Energy Efficiency Goals with “Energy of My Business”

Enerjisa Energy continued to develop performance and efficiency-focused projects in 2023 under the umbrella of “Energy of My Business,” aiming to achieve savings and efficiency in energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions.

As the only financial institution in Turkey to receive the CIPS Corporate Procurement Certificate, Enerjisa Energy demonstrated compliance with international standards in procurement functions, processes, and practices, thereby contributing to global sustainability goals.

Offering end-to-end solutions such as solar energy and energy efficiency alongside Wind Energy Power Plants (WEPP) and heat recovery in its renewable energy portfolio, Enerjisa Energy has contributed to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. With completed and upcoming Solar Energy Power Plants (SEPP) and energy efficiency projects scheduled for 2024, the company aims to prevent over 190,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. The energy efficiency initiatives launched in 2023 are expected to result in annual energy savings exceeding 93,000 MWh. Additionally, by certifying the electricity consumption of businesses in its portfolio with Green Energy, Enerjisa Energy will prevent approximately 1.2 million tons of carbon emissions.

Developing solutions that increase renewable energy usage with sustainability and savings in mind, Enerjisa Energy’s “Energy of My Business” initiatives not only offer opportunities for reducing carbon footprints and generating income through WEPP projects but also help businesses save on energy costs, a significant expense item, without reflecting investment costs. Providing investment financing, continuous reporting, and maintenance services with a focus on performance and efficiency, Enerjisa brings more businesses together with sustainable energy every day.

Maximum Benefit through Performance and Efficiency-focused Solutions

As a key player in Turkey’s energy transformation with a vision of “a better future for everyone,” Enerjisa Energy, a leading company in distribution, retail sales, and customer solutions, continues to develop projects tailored to the needs of public and private sector organizations it collaborates with, entirely covering the investment cost. Within the framework of “Energy of My Business,” solutions aimed at increasing renewable energy usage with a focus on sustainability and savings are offered together. Investing in line with Turkey’s net zero emissions target and green transformation journey, Enerjisa Energy leads its sector towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy usage in the future.

Aiming to Generate Electricity Equivalent to Over 34,000 Households by 2024

Demonstrating the practicality of cleaner and more sustainable energy to all its customers through WEPP projects, energy efficiency applications, and green energy certification throughout 2023, Enerjisa Energy has already begun installing projects with a total installed capacity of 66.8 MWp. Upon completion in 2024, these projects will generate approximately 102,000 MWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 34,188 households, aiming to prevent approximately 136,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. Furthermore, the electricity consumption of businesses in Enerjisa Energy’s portfolio, totaling 2,671 GWh, will be certified with “Green Energy,” preventing approximately 1.2 million tons of carbon emissions. These projects underline Enerjisa Energy’s commitment to responding to energy demands with environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions while reducing environmental impacts for a cleaner future.

“Energy of My Business Offers a Solution to the Global Climate Crisis”

Highlighting the emergence of new opportunities amidst the world’s energy transformation, Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Energy, stated, “The common issue felt worldwide and topping the international agenda is the climate crisis. Today, approximately 75% of global emissions stem from energy production and consumption. As one of Turkey’s major energy players, Enerjisa cannot turn a blind eye to this issue. If we are part of the problem, we are also part of the solution in line with our vision of creating ‘a better future for everyone,’ and we structure our investments accordingly.”

“We are contributing to Turkey’s 2030 Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan, announced by the ministry at the beginning of January, with an application like ‘Energy of My Business,’ which has a multiplier effect for both our country and our world. Since its inception, we have been bringing Turkey’s industrialists, public and service sector organizations, and all businesses together with clean energy.”

“In 2024, we will introduce wind energy power plants to our renewable energy portfolio, presenting our exemplary projects. I hope 2024 will be as successful as 2023, and I extend my thanks to my colleagues who successfully implement these projects, as well as to our customers who believe in the power of renewable energy.”