‘Participation Mutual Funds Portfolio Size Leader’ Award to Kuveyt Türk Portföy

‘Participation Mutual Funds Portfolio Size Leader’ Award to Kuveyt Türk Portföy

Kuveyt Türk Portföy General Manager Hamit Kütük said, “The sector leadership award is an indicator of our contribution to the development of capital markets in terms of participation-based investment funds product diversity and portfolio size.”

Operating as a 100 percent subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, Kuveyt Türk Portföy won the “Participation Investment Funds Portfolio Size Leader” Award within the scope of the 9th TSPB Golden Bull Awards, organized by the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB) and evaluating 2023.

TSPB Golden Bull Awards, which have been continuing and becoming a tradition since 2016 by the Turkish Capital Markets Association, found their owners at the ceremony held in Istanbul. Golden Bull Awards aim to contribute to the development and awareness of capital markets and to make the success stories of sector professionals visible to the public. At the ceremony where the Golden Bull Award was given in 20 branches in 5 categories according to capital market activities, the “Participation Mutual Funds Portfolio Size Leader” award was presented to Kuveyt Türk Portföy General Manager Hamit Kütük.

“We develop innovative products by focusing on the needs of investors”

In his evaluation of the award, Kuveyt Türk Portföy General Manager Hamit Kütük said that behind the success they achieved in a short time was their motivation to develop innovative products focusing on the needs of investors. Stating that they manage the largest participation-based stock fund with current figures, General Manager Kütük noted that they provide diversification to investors on a sector basis with the newly established thematic funds and that they offer their customers investment opportunities in foreign stocks in accordance with participation finance principles. Stating that the funds in question can be accessed from all banks and intermediary institutions through the TEFAS system, Hamit Kütük said that they attach importance to digitalization and artificial intelligence applications in making investment decisions and operational processes, and that their work in these areas continues uninterruptedly. Emphasizing that the award received is a common result of the team’s devoted work and investors’ trust, together with the strategies they implemented, Hamit Kütük underlined that they played an important role in the growth of capital markets with the diversification and spread of participation finance-based products.

Portfolio size approached 200 billion TL

Kuveyt Türk Portföy, which was established in 2015 and ranked 7th in terms of ‘managed portfolio size’ in 2023 in the sector, is the leader in participation-based investment funds with a portfolio size of approximately 200 billion TL. Offering appropriate investment solutions to investors with participation sensitivity with the many innovative products it has developed, Kuveyt Türk Portföy contributes to the development and diversification of capital markets with its activities.

Manages the industry’s largest gold fund

Aiming to expand its investor base, especially institutional investors, Kuveyt Türk Portföy develops investment funds for TL and foreign exchange cash flow management in the field of participation finance. Kuveyt Türk Portföy, which manages the largest gold investment fund in the sector with the Gold Participation Fund it established for the gold product, which is seen as a traditional investment tool, launched the first and only gold-denominated fund share purchase and sale in Turkey with its main partner, Kuveyt Türk, and directed gold investment to the capital markets. He contributed.