has started a new era in second-hand vehicle buying and selling in Turkey with the OTOBİD platform! has started a new era in second-hand vehicle buying and selling in Turkey with the OTOBİD platform!, the first address that comes to mind when it comes to buying and selling second-hand vehicles in Turkey, is starting a brand new era in online vehicle buying and selling in Turkey with the Otobid platform, which it has implemented in line with its 24 years of expertise in the sector and customer needs.As a first in Turkey, Otobid offers a fast, transparent and reliable sales process by putting the vehicles of individual vehicle owners up for sale in an online auction environment where thousands of auto galleries spread across 81 provinces can participate. In this way, the Otobid platform ensures that the vehicle offered for sale is sold to the auto dealership that offers the highest bid, with the price advantage of the auction, and also creates a price advantage for vehicle owners. A press meeting was held to share the services and innovations of the Otobid platform, hosted by CEO Burak Ertaş and Otobid General Manager Sinan Barutçuoğlu.

Otobid is the way to sell your vehicle reliably, quickly and advantageously…

Otobid, the new platform of, which makes users’ lives easier with its innovative solutions, carries out the process from the appraisal stage to all sales transactions for buyers and sellers, providing its users with an effortless, fast and reliable experience. Users who want to sell their vehicles pre-evaluate their vehicles on the platform and enter a detailed appraisal process by making an appointment at Otobid service points. The vehicle appraisal process is carried out completely free of charge by Otobid appraisers or Auto King, which was recently acquired by After the appraisal, the vehicles are offered for sale by auction method, in which thousands of auto galleries all over Turkey registered on the Otobid platform can participate, based on the starting price of the auction accepted by the seller. In this process, all sales transactions are carried out by Otobid on behalf of the vehicle owner, and vehicle owners can receive their payments within 1 day after the sale with the assurance of The auction environment also creates a price advantage for users who want to sell their vehicles for their value. In this way, vehicle owners have a fast and trouble-free sales experience where they can get the most advantageous price for their vehicles, while car dealerships have the opportunity to purchase vehicles with the expertise and assurance of

Speaking at the press meeting, CEO Burak Ertaş said, “Automotive is one of the largest and most important sectors in Turkey, and one of the strongest drivers of economic activity… In addition to new vehicle sales, millions of vehicles change hands in our country every year. We are an important player in such a large ecosystem and we bring together a very significant number of buyers and sellers to make this trade happen.

In this sense, as, we started 2024 with important investments and strategic expansions. Otobid, our online auction platform that brings vehicle owners together with car dealerships in a transparent environment, forms a very important link in this strategy. “Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with a perfect experience and create maximum benefit with all our services… We will continue to bring innovations to our millions of users and lead our industry in this sense,” he said.

Otobid General Manager Sinan Barutçuoğlu said, “We are happy to introduce Turkey to the innovative online vehicle sales platform Otobid. Otobid is an online platform where we bring together vehicle owners’ vehicles with galleries in every corner of Turkey through auction. You can buy Otobid quickly, safely and from scratch.” We have developed it for all users who want to sell their vehicles effortlessly in a transparent process. Users who want to sell their vehicles can make a preliminary evaluation of their vehicles on the Otobid online system by entering their vehicle information and features and can make an appointment at Otobid service points. After the auction starting price is finalized, the vehicle is offered for sale in an online auction where only thousands of corporate auto galleries registered on the platform can participate as buyers. After the sale is made, all transfer transactions are carried out by us on behalf of the vehicle owner and the vehicle is sold within 1 day with the assurance of is transferred to the owner’s bank account. If they wish, vehicle owners can watch the auction of their vehicles via the link sent to them. Thus, our users not only sell their vehicles for their value, but also save time, with a transparent and trouble-free experience from start to finish.

Otobid; It also provides significant advantages to auto galleries. As, our corporate members offer car dealerships a supply pool consisting of a wide variety of brands and models from all over Turkey, with the assurance of, and thus contribute to the growth of their business.

As Otobid, we have started to provide service with 14 service points in 6 major cities as of today. “We aim to quickly expand to many regions of Turkey, especially the big cities, in the coming period,” he said.