Trendyol Crowned Champion of E-Export in Turkey

Trendyol Crowned Champion of E-Export in Turkey

Trendyol has been recognized as the champion in the ‘e-export’ category at the “Export Champions Award Ceremony” organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM). Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin received the award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Trendyol, Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform that connects Turkish products and manufacturers with global markets, has been awarded first place in the e-export category at TİM’s “Export Champions Award Ceremony.” Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin accepted the prestigious award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“We Accept This Award on Behalf of All Turkish Producers Going Global”

Commenting on the accolade, Trendyol Group President Çağlayan Çetin expressed their joy in receiving the first-ever e-export award, highlighting TİM’s emphasis on digitalization. He stated, “Turkey may not have vast natural resources or giant gas fields, but we have young engineers, production capabilities, diligence, quality, determination, and effort. With our exemplary unicorns, entrepreneurial programs, and world-class inspiring events like Teknofest, our country is making a mark in the global technology arena. Powered by this ecosystem, Trendyol has become one of the top five technology companies in Europe and the Middle East, and today, it stands as Turkey’s champion of e-export. This award truly belongs to Trendyol’s young engineers, who have created groundbreaking technologies, and the Turkish producers whose products make this export possible. As Turkey’s Trendyol, we take pride in bringing ‘Made in Turkey’ products to the global markets, fueled by our nation’s technological and production capabilities and high-quality human resources. Our e-export-focused efforts aim to digitalize our producers, artisans, and SMEs, connecting them with millions of customers worldwide. We achieve this in collaboration with all stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem, enabling them to reach global markets.”

Çetin also emphasized their commitment to supporting sellers and producers in competing globally through investments and end-to-end e-commerce solutions. “We are dedicated to achieving the export targets set forth by our President and spearheaded by the Ministry of Trade. Trendyol has introduced 70,000 SMEs to export, bringing our total number of exporters to over 90,000. Our goal is to turn all 300,000 of our sellers into e-exporters. We will continue to unlock our country’s potential in cross-border trade through e-export,” he added.

In conclusion, Trendyol’s achievement underscores its pivotal role in driving Turkey’s digital economy and showcasing the country’s innovative spirit and production prowess on the global stage.