9 most suitable artificial intelligence applications for e-exporters

9 most suitable artificial intelligence applications for e-exporters

In the “ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence Tools in E-Export” guide published by the General Directorate of Export of the Ministry of Commerce, it is aimed to optimize the business processes of e-exporters, conduct market analysis, improve customer services, list products, advertise and market, open a website, use foreign languages. Artificial intelligence tools that will help in many matters such as providing service are explained in detail.

Stating that the guide is a very comprehensive resource prepared in line with the goal of increasing the share of e-export in Turkey’s general exports to 10 percent, TOBB E-commerce Council Member and Ticimax E-commerce Systems Founding CEO Cenk Çiğdemli said, “Introduction, ChatGPT and The guide consists of 3 sections: Other Artificial Intelligence Tools; In addition to discussing how artificial intelligence works, ChatGPT and its place in e-export, the comparison of two different versions of ChatGPT, 3.5 and 4.0, what to pay attention to when using it, and on which subjects it can be used, it also discusses other artificial intelligence tools such as Midjourney, Tailor Brands, OpusPro. A reviewing guide. “This guide contains a lot of practical information for businesses that want to use artificial intelligence tools in e-export or e-commerce,” he said. Çiğdemli, who summarized the guide and underlined the important parts, shared the following information…

Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

In the field of e-commerce, artificial intelligence is used effectively to analyze customer behavior, offer personalized product recommendations and optimize customer service processes. Chatbots and virtual assistants provide a more satisfying shopping experience by quickly answering customer queries. In addition, artificial intelligence-supported systems contribute to the efficient inventory management of businesses by taking part in stock management and demand forecasting. Artificial intelligence-supported systems are also used to determine the most effective shipping routes, reduce transportation costs and make distribution processes faster. Artificial intelligence helps prevent such problems by predicting possible disruptions in supply chain networks.

What to Pay Attention to When Using ChatGPT?

Ask open and detailed questions, be specific. For example, “Which are the most effective market research methods in e-export?” Asking specific questions such as allows you to get clearer and more useful answers. The context of the question to be asked to artificial intelligence must be clearly stated. If a specific country, sector or target audience is of interest, this should be stated in the question. Positioning yourself as a business owner, market researcher or e-export consultant and asking questions from this perspective increases the quality of the answer to be received. You should clarify what kind of information you need and what you need help with. For example, you may want information about product listing strategies for e-export, international shipping methods, or local market trends. ChatGPT provides information about e-export trends and consumer behavior in certain countries or sectors. This can also be useful for market analysis. Engaging in an interactive dialogue with ChatGPT should not be avoided. If the answer given is not completely satisfactory, the conversation needs to be deepened by asking for more details or clarification.

In Which Subjects Can We Benefit from ChatGPT?

Creating scenarios about how to respond to potential customer questions or objections and asking ChatGPT how it would respond to these scenarios can help your customer service team communicate more effectively.

You can also get help from ChatGPT to create custom sales and marketing messages for different target markets. You can ask ChatGPT how you can craft a marketing message for a specific target audience or market segment. You can also stay on top of trends and developments in specific product categories, services or technologies using ChatGPT. You can identify new business opportunities or get support while updating your existing strategies. For example; ChatGPT can analyze statistics in an Excel table containing your data. You can also use ChatGPT to generate content ideas for blog posts, social media posts, or email newsletters.

You can get strategies and advice on how to engage potential customers on social media. You can develop interactive materials, training modules and programs to train your teams through scenarios and simulations created with ChatGPT. You can benefit from ChatGPT to constantly improve yourself and your team in e-export strategies, international trade regulations and intercultural communication.

With ChatGPT, you can generate ideas to develop personalized shopping experiences and recommendations for your customers. For example, you can prepare product recommendations or personalized marketing messages for specific customer profiles. To explain in more detail, by using information such as the customer’s interests, shopping history, demographic structure (age, gender, location, etc.), ChatGPT recommends products suitable for this customer profile.

ChatGPT also helps in developing email templates or communication strategies that can be used when communicating with suppliers. It offers suggestions on ways to communicate effectively with business partners from different cultures. You can also use ChatGPT to learn about different logistics options and shipping strategies. ChatGPT can help you plan your international shipping more effectively.

You can use ChatGPT to learn about regulatory requirements and compliance standards in different markets. ChatGPT can help you reduce potential legal and business risks. It helps you communicate in different languages, allowing you to offer your products and services to customers who speak different languages. You can create scenarios to test market acceptance of your potential new products and evaluate these scenarios with ChatGPT.

With ChatGPT, you can develop ideas and get opinions on potential improvements to improve your website’s user experience. You can leverage ChatGPT to build a loyal customer base and strengthen your relationships with existing customers. For example, you can use it to provide quick and effective responses to customer questions or send personalized thank you messages.

Detailed Commands Are Very Important

Effective usage in ChatGPT is largely based on commands. In their simplest form, commands are clearly stated instructions that tell ChatGPT what to do.

The efficiency and performance of ChatGPT directly depends on how the user gives commands. The quality and accuracy of the outputs obtained with ChatGPT vary depending on the clarity and detail of the commands given. If commands are clear and specific, ChatGPT produces more effective and targeted responses. The degree to which ChatGPT achieves the desired results is determined by the user’s ability to give commands and the nature of these commands.

When interacting with ChatGPT, it is also important to clearly state the context and background of your command. For example, when asking questions about a specific transportation method or route in logistics, taking into account factors such as current market conditions or certain geographical features allows you to get more realistic and applicable answers. In another example, in the field of e-commerce, when requesting information about a specific product line or market segment, including elements such as current consumer trends or seasonal changes in your command helps ChatGPT provide more relevant and actionable answers. Such details enable artificial intelligence to expand the scope of its analysis and obtain deeper and more meaningful results.

Other Artificial Intelligence Tools That Can Be Used in E-commerce

-Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program used to create images using commands. Currently, this AI application is only accessible through the Discord bot. In Midjourney, better results are obtained when the commands are written in English.

-Tailor Brands provides significant support to users in their corporate identity development process. This platform provides the user with the basic stages of branding, allowing the creation of corporate identity quickly and effectively. With this artificial intelligence-based tool, users can easily design their brand’s logo, business cards, presentations and websites. As similar artificial intelligence tools; It can be said LogoAi, Logo-mockup, Looka.

-10Web IO artificial intelligence tool makes it easy for users to create websites. This platform allows users to integrate payment systems into created websites, contributing to the efficient establishment of e-commerce websites. As a similar artificial intelligence tool; DesignlyAi, it can be said. In the image below, the website installation process is started by clicking on the “Generate Your Website” option on the home page of the relevant website.

-Opus Pro is an artificial intelligence video editing software that makes it easy to create short clips from long-form videos. This software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze videos and create relevant and interesting clips. As similar artificial intelligence tools; CapCut, PicsArt can be said.

-Invideo AI is a tool to create video content using text-based information. Users can enter the title of the topic they want to create a video into and have the type of video they want prepared. As similar artificial intelligence tools; Text to Video, Kaiber can be said. Invideo AI conducts research on the determined topic and starts producing the video requested by the users. It can be a 5-10 minute YouTube video or a short 1 minute video.

-Gamma App is a new platform that allows users to create documents, presentations and web pages in seconds using artificial intelligence. It’s designed to make it easy to create engaging content without the need for extensive formatting and design work. As similar artificial intelligence tools; MagicSlides, SlidesPilot can be said. Getting Results: In the Gamma App artificial intelligence tool, the subject that the artificial intelligence is asked to prepare is written in the relevant field. By clicking the “Generate Online” button, the artificial intelligence tool starts preparing the presentation. Gamma can also prepare a presentation on a topic you enter as a command or a presentation on a document you upload.

-ElevenLabs is a voice AI research and distribution company with a mission to make content universally accessible in every language and voice. As similar artificial intelligence tools; WavoAi, Transcript can be said LOL. ElevenLabs is an AI tool that provides the ability to generate new speech in over 20 languages ​​and existing voices. ElevenLabs is an artificial intelligence tool that will make it easier for you to dub the videos you will use while running advertising campaigns in the field of e-export. For example; You can prepare a video via Invideo, one of the artificial intelligence tools in the guide, and then voice the video in the desired language with ElevenLabs. -TLDV.io is an artificial intelligence tool that summarizes video content and extracts key points. It can work integrated with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It offers opportunities such as recording meetings, transcription and marking important moments. Users can easily share meeting summaries and key points and integrate with various collaboration tools. TLDV.io; It is a useful tool that allows you to quickly and effectively benefit from video content in areas such as business, education and research.