Forex . What is Forex ? What Hours To Trade In Forex ?

Forex . What is Forex ? What Hours To Trade In Forex ?

Today, we will tell you about Forex, which is a subject that is very curious for those who are new to the stock market. Of course, What is Forex among the most frequently asked topics? There are issues such as What hours are forex traded?


What is Forex ?

It is necessary to explain Forex, it is an exchange between countries where foreign exchange trade is made by changing the currency of any country with the currency of any other country.

Derived from the abbreviation of Foreign Exchange words, Forex Global market is the largest convertible financial market in the world, with a daily trading volume of 6 trillion dollars. Forex is also known as Leveraged Trading in some countries.

What days and hours is Forex open?

The Forex market is not dependent on a single institution as it is in every market. Opens at 00:00 on Sunday night and closes at 00:00 on Friday night, Forex is available 5 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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Is Forex gambling?

When things turn into luck in Forex, the questions searched by google in many countries are the same: is Forex gambling ? A lot of research has been done on this subject and theses have been prepared . Forex is never a gamble if we make an inference considering the common decision of all of them.

What are the advantages of Forex ?

It offers the Forex market investors the opportunity to trade with leverage ratios up to a maximum of 1:10. It provides the opportunity to trade up to 10 times with a minimum capital: For example, you can invest between 7,000 USD and 70,000 USD by using a 1:10 leverage ratio.

How to get started with Forex ?

Once you have the necessary capital to get started, you need to consult the Forex brokerage firms in each country. your bank probably knows about Forex. If you say to your bank, which has an account, you want to get information about Forex, they will most likely help, otherwise there are many training videos on youtube to help you get started, I recommend you to watch it.

How risky is Forex ?

Of course, as in every market, there is risk in Forex. Therefore, you should research your investment very well and make sure that you do the necessary analysis.