Türkiye is ready for tomorrow’s technologies with Türk Telekom’s fiber power

Türkiye is ready for tomorrow’s technologies with Türk Telekom’s fiber power

Türk Telekom, leading Turkey’s digital transformation, continues to connect Turkey with fiber networks with the approach of “not just one city, but every city of the country”. Türk Telekom increased the length of its fiber infrastructure, which is indispensable for tomorrow’s technologies, to 437 thousand km by the end of 2023, and increased its household coverage to 32.2 million.

Mehmet Beytur, Deputy General Manager of Türk Telekom Support Services and Purchasing Management, said, “As of the end of 2023, 437 thousand km of the total 562 thousand km of fiber infrastructure in Turkey has been installed by Türk Telekom. Our fiber-connected LTE base stations reached 52%. “We are Turkey’s most ready operator for 5G with our infrastructure and pioneering work,” he said.

Türk Telekom , leading Turkey’s digital transformation, continues its activities without slowing down to provide the appropriate infrastructure for tomorrow’s technologies. Playing a leading role in building the digital future, Türk Telekom increased its fiber network length to 437 thousand km and household coverage to 32.2 million by the end of 2023. Türk Telekom, which has carried out important work on the fiberization of base stations, which is one of the most important requirements for the effective use of 5G, has connected 52 percent of its LTE base stations with fiber, making them suitable for new generation technologies. Türk Telekom, Turkey’s most 5G-ready operator, with its work, Turkey’s first private industrial 5G mobile network, first live 5G match broadcast, first 5G-supported online remote surgery, first smart tractor use in agriculture, world’s first 5G VR Puppet Theatre. It undertakes the architecture of the digital future by carrying out pioneering projects such as leading all areas of life with its technological know-how.

We are in every corner of Turkey

Türk Telekom Support Services and Purchasing Management Deputy General Manager Mehmet Beytur said, “Turkey’s digitalization is possible with a 360-degree transformation in all areas from public to private institutions, from health to industry, from education to sports. To ensure this transformation is complete, we are working to bring high-speed internet to every corner of Turkey. According to Turkey’s BTK Report 4th Quarter data, as Türk Telekom, we have installed 437 thousand km of the total fiber network length of 562 thousand km alone. The future is shaped on smart technologies and smart cities. Fiber infrastructure and base stations connected to fiber are of great importance for the effective use of these technologies. According to the latest report of the Turkish FTTH Council, our fiber infrastructure ranks second in Europe in the FTTH/B field with access to 18 million households. According to the same report, we rank third in Europe in terms of fiber subscribers. We carry out important R&D studies for tomorrow’s technologies with our local engineers. Our subsidiary companies Argela and Netsia; It has 69 international patents, including 5G and fiber fields.”We will continue our activities without interruption to bring Turkey together with tomorrow’s technologies at the right time,” he said.