Vehicle financing is now available 24/7 on Türkiye Finans Mobile

Vehicle financing is now available 24/7 on Türkiye Finans Mobile

Türkiye Finans customers can now meet their needs using digital vehicle financing from anywhere they want, 24/7, without the need to go to a branch. Standing out with its innovative products and services, Türkiye Finans has brought all stages of access to vehicle financing to mobile with this service.

Türkiye Finans continues to digitalize the customer experience with Digital Vehicle Finance, which it has introduced in line with its timeless banking approach and pioneering vision in digital banking. With the Digital Vehicle Financing service offered only to Türkiye Finans customers, customers will now be able to use vehicle financing with maturities and amounts that can be determined within the legal maturity limits, by completing each step through the Mobile Banking channel without going to the branch.

‘We will continue to digitalize our services’

Türkiye Finans Retail Banking Deputy General Manager Ahmet Mert said the following on the subject: “As the digital bank, we offer special solutions to our customers’ needs and use all the possibilities of our digital channels. We constantly digitalize our services with the aim of fast, uninterrupted and excellent customer experience. With this product, all our customers will now be able to apply for vehicle financing without going to the branch and will experience an end-to-end vehicle loan experience by completing the entire process via mobile banking. All our customers can easily apply for Digital Vehicle Financing via Türkiye Finans Mobile 24/7, and make financing use, collateral transactions and installment payments via mobile without going to the branch.

“Hayat Mobil Bankan Mobil” diyerek sürekli güncellediğimiz teknolojilerimiz ve inovasyonlarımızla, müşterilerimizin her an her yerden başlayan bankacılık yolculuklarında güvenli, akıcı, kolay ve daha dijital bir deneyim yaşamalarını sağlamaya devam edeceğiz.”